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EPS NM01 Noodles and Pasta Maker

EPS Fully Automatic Noodle and Pasta (sevai) Machine (180-Watt Capacity 350g Golden White) , which is innovated after immense researches from multi-aspects by EPS, aims to be your personal exclusive nutritionist at noodle recipes. It can imitate to knead dough just like our human hands do in 360 degrees and the quality of noodles is just as good as the handmade one. The serial procedure of mixing the flour, kneading the dough and drying noodles during extrusion ensures the best taste of it. We're committed to helping you create a lifetime of delicious meals for your family and friends. to help ensure the longevity. it will empower you with the best way to use and care for your product. Customer satisfaction is our goal.
March 7, 2021 Imrit

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