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Inllex IL-088 Pasta Maker

Pasta Maker Machine, Noodle Maker Machine, Double Stainless Steel Cutter Pasta Machine, Manual Pasta Making Machine, Pasta Dough Roller, for Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Fettuccine and Lasagne Capture the true experience of traditional Italian cooking with this heavy duty Stainless Steel Pasta Maker. An essential 'ingredient' in any food lover's kitchen, this Pasta Maker is perfect for professionals and novices, alike. Impress your guests by creating a variety of homemade pasta types including: lasagne, spaghetti, tagliatelle and fettuccine. You can even create your own unique, individual pasta recipes! This high quality Pasta Maker comes with three different cutters for different types of pasta. It also has an adjustable thickness level, which can be changed from setting 1 through to 9, depending on your recipe. It features a removable handle, that makes it easy to store and a table top clamp to hold it firmly in place when in use. If you love to experiment in the kitchen and to cook healthy and delicious fresh food, then this Pasta Maker is perfect for you Usage: noodle machine, noodle maker machine, Pasta Tools,Pasta Maker, Noodle Machine Maker, Noodle Maker
March 7, 2021 Imrit

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